Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Message To Barack Obama

Dear President Barack Obama...

Of course I voted for you.
But I expected much, much, more.
When we had a chance to pass single-payer health care, you balked.
When we had a chance to let Big Pharma take a punch to profits, you balked. Was Billy Tauzin on the scene?
When we had a chance to close Guantanamo, you balked.
When we had a chance to close down our embassy in Iraq and get everybody out, including contractors, you balked.
When we were ready and willing to stop the wiretapping of citizens, your Justice (?) department said NO.
When we were tired of being part of the "torture" process, your people were sitting on their hands.
When we begged you to restore unions and working people to their well-earned positions, you said the firing of the Rhode Island teachers was "fine"...and you allowed Arne Duncan to praise Michele Rhee, who stood for an anti-teacher, anti-union philosophy. Arne and Michele are part of our problem with you.
When we said "enough is enough" about Afghanistan, and realized we could not win a war against people who have been winning wars for a century against invading first-world countries, you said..."stay the course"
I like you and I voted for you. But Rahm Emmanuel, Larry Summers, and Tim Geitner are NOT people I voted for. They represent part of the old way of thinking.
I know you are under fire from the Tea Partiers and their ilk, but I can't help thinking that if you had kept some idea of what progressives stand for, you would not be ASKING for my help now, I'd be volunteering.

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