Sunday, May 16, 2004

Triplets of Belleville

Oh my gosh! Go see this's a feast for the eyes! Twisty, turny, just not to be missed.

I saw it at the Northern Lights Film Society in Eastport. Jon Bragdon is the sponsor of these film nights, and at $3.00 a ticket, it is the best bargain in town.

I think T of B is on least that's how he shows the get it and be delighted!

Also..thanks, Andrea, for your post. Hope you stay cool. It's 40 degrees tonight, clear and cold. No heat in this house, so we usually stoke the woodstove and let it coold down overnight. Should be about 70 or so tomorrow.

A hummingbird came to the window this afternoon. It apparently was hungry for the yellow tulips my son gave me. They are in a vase in the window, still perky since Friday, and a long, long trip up here from Boston.

This is the second time I've seen a hummingbird up yesterday, one today. Another feast for the eyes!


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