Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Squirrel

Weird...just had to act against nature.

This house has been shut for a month...seems a red squirrel got in and had babies up on a little shelf above the coats. When she went up on the shelf, I, being quite timid, asked my husband to take down the army blanket and bags that were there, so he could chase the squirrel out.

Imagine our surprise when five little babies all naked ..fell off the shelf and onto the floor, making the squirrel go nuts. (no pun) They had been ensconced in the army blanket, all snuggly and warm, while mama made excursions out in the open to get food and water.
And our house was their birthplace.

SO...he took the dustpan, scooped up the little ones on the blanket, put them outside, and watched as the mother went out, scrambled around to lift each one and bring it UNDER our house. One by one they were taken away, until the last one was gone. Then mom came by once more to check the army blanket and to find what she must have thought was one more baby. Frantic scufflings on the deck; another appearance inside; looking, staring at us as though we had taken one of our dear ones. We looked all over and could find not one more.

Now there is chicken wire over the hole she came in on. We shall see how many more visits are in store for us.


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