Tuesday, May 04, 2010

They're ASKING me for money! The DEMOCRATS!

Just silly...
After all, President Obama declared off-shore and coastal drilling on the table.
Gee. I thought he was on page with us. Silly me.

And I thought Democrats were smart.
Now I'm thinking again.

There will be no more money coming from my coffers until the Democrats realize that we liberals are a force to be reckoned with.

Arnie Duncan will no longer declare the firing of Rhode Island teachers to be FINE. The erasure of seniority for teachers will be disallowed. Stop saying that older teachers are expendable. It makes me sick.

Off-shore drilling will NOT be acceptable.

Wars of intervention will no longer be fought, and when they are inherited as in Iraq and Afghanistan, they will be quickly ended.

Our Big Brother spying on American citizens will end.

Governmental secrecy on torture during the Bush Administration will end. We'll find out just what we did to our fellow earth-dwellers. We'll pay attention to what was done in our names.

Our efforts to detain and deport innocent "illegals" will end. We will make humane decisions on whether to deport these hard-working people. But we will punish the employers that purchased them wholesale to fuel the meat-packing plants and landscaping businesses..etc.

We will no longer hire ex-aficionados of Goldman Sachs or Citigroup as foxes to guard hen houses.

We will declare unions to be priority #1.

Citizens' pensions will not be erased in bankruptcy procedures.

Defined-benefit pensions will not be replaced by 401-K giveaways to Wall Street.

Wall Street will not be bailed out. Credit Unions will be given the aid that has more recently been given to banks "too big to fail".

The so-called Health Care Reform Bill will actually take money away from the insurance companies and give it to doctors, labs, and patients. It will not enrich insurance companies .....there might even be a single-payer plan! How about that?

Where are those Democrats? Did Teddy Kennedy put out the light as he left this earth?
What a disappointment.
It boggles my mind.

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