Thursday, December 17, 2009

One Sad, Sad Day...

On MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” Joan Walsh derides Joe Lieberman but compares progressives who want to kill the entire Senate bill to people who voted for Nader over Al Gore in 2000.

Thank you Joan “lesser evil” Walsh. That election has been trotted out ever since to justify voting for Democrats no matter what they do. It’s good to know that your support is completely unconditional. Of course, perhaps it might have helped if Al Gore and Joe Lieberman had actually fought. Buses full of union members and other demonstrators were willing to go, and Al Gore, the “good man” didn’t want to risk that flaring into violence. So he told them not to roll, and the Supreme Court, seeing that no one gave a damn, gave the election to Bush 5-4. The result was, literally, hundreds of thousands of dead people. Why? Because a good man wasn’t willing to fight. Just like you, a “good woman”, I’m sure. Just like Democratic progressive in Congress. If you won’t fight, and the other side will, the other side will always get what they want. But people like you, who belong to the party of wimps, never understand that, do you?


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