Monday, August 27, 2007

All New Froggie Dusters!

When we came up here on Saturday, a little green frog jumped into the house, ran under the dishwasher, and refused to come out, even after being assaulted by a broom handle (gently, gently!) we feared he'd die under there.

Next morning, R., making coffee, spotted what looked like a two-inch dustball ....MOVING....and realized the poor froggie had taken on a great cluster of UGH..dust...from under the froggie being slowed down tremendously by the weight of the dust, R. could just sweep him up in the dustpan and put him outside. Before he let him go, I detached as much of the accumulated dust as I could, 'cause he'd be too tangled to make his way among fellow froggies.

That's when I had my organic idea....a room full of green froggies hopping into every previously-undusted corner, gathering up the dust on their sticky skins....better, much better than a Roombah, no? And you could raise them on froggie farms....using flies as feed....this could be bigger than any new industry up here in the great wild north.

Gotta tell the Chamber of Commerce. Maybe I can get a grant?


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