Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On Unions

The rhetoric is hot and heavy on the transit worker's strike in NYC. Most of us outside have not been affected, but we can still weigh in. The privilege of the strike should be the most useful tool in the hands of any union, public or private. The right to unionize, and the right to strike, should be written into the Constitution. It is the brave 30,000 who are showing us the way to end corporate rule, to return our country to its democratic roots, who need to be supported.

Without unions, the powers-that-be can decide who lives and who dies, who starves on minimum wage, who shuffles and jives for welfare payments, who struggles to get food stamps, who begs for student aid. With unions, the mass of people have something to celebrate, a solidarity that makes us a richer nation. Thank God for unions. Thank God for Toussaint. Let a million unions flower in his wake.


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