Thursday, August 26, 2004

Environmental Disaster

Okay...Here's the story. I live in Pembroke, Maine, on alternate weeks. That
s because I live in New York most of the time.

I bought a house with my husband about three years ago here, in God's Country. I know that you will be saying, " the ultimate Yuppie Dream"...yes. You are totally correct....but the ultimate Yuppie Dream is the dream that we all hold. There is a paradise somewhere, if we could only find it. Well, I found it. It's amazing and mind-blowing. Now there is a proposal for an LNG plant to be built up a bit, in Eastport. I'm wondering if the people of Eastport have ever visited Port Elizabeth, New Jersey? Have they been south of Boston? Do they get the picture? To the understand both the visual and personal implications of giant, 200-foot bunch of towers on their landscape? The personal threats of being burned alive in an apocryphal explosion at the site? There was a planning board meeting tonight that tried to cover the preliminaries of "escape from Eastport"...would there be an escape? There's one road that leads out from Moose Island. It leads right by the proposed LNG terminal. How, exactly, would 1,500 people leave that island? There is no hospital on the Island, and none near the Passamaquoddy tribe that is voting on this LNG site. How would these people leave? How would they be treated for burns? What is the problem here? The Texas Company that has worked with the Native Americans is selling jobs and money. Are they also selling death and destruction?


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