Friday, May 28, 2004

On "paying attention to my leaders"

Paying attention to "my leaders" means avoiding thoughts about prison abuse, possible pre-knowledge of 9/11 attacks, covert CIA operations, the establishment of Bin-Laden, the use of the Muslim Brotherhood to bring down regimes, the installation of the Shah in Iran over a democratically-elected president, the assassination of Salvador Allende and Henry Kissinger's role in that coup, the denial of electoral rights in Haiti with the overthrow of Aristide, the sad sight of Republican flaks taking over a duly appointed board of electors and closing down the vote count in Florida, the usurpation of the presidency by a clearly unqualified, non-elected moron...

That's what paying attention to them means to me. If the country is going to the fascist side, I want to pay attention to something else, while guarding my back against this corrupt leadership.


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